Monitoring Services  - ART Security has over 30 years’ experience with our Monitoring Centre located in Melbourne.

ART Security’s (ART) Melbourne based in-house Grade A1 Monitoring Centre (MC) is graded at the highest level of Australian Standard (AS) available in Australia – AS2201.2, and as such is fully compliant to the strict redundancy requirements of this AS grading. 

The company’s Monitoring Centre (MC) delivers a superior security monitoring service 24 Hours per day, 365 days per year. ART’s Monitoring Centre only engages fully licensed, professional Monitoring Centre Operators (MCO) well experienced in Security Alarm Monitoring to meet your every requirement. 

You are assured of excellent customer service as ART Security’s Monitoring Centre has one of the highest MCO to client ratios in the industry. 

ART’s monitoring services extend Australia wide.  Security system events include, but are not limited to, hold-up, duress, communication failure, personal emergency, intrusion, late to close, power failure and low battery.

ART’s range of monitoring platforms are designed to alert the MCO’s to take action when alarm events are communicated to the MC.  The MCO’s will, depending on your specific security needs, alert you and/or your nominated representatives that your personal safety, that of your team members or family has been compromised.  These alerts from ART’s MC are also designed to protect your premise and minimise damage and/or loss.  Depending on your specific instructions and the type of alert received by the MCO’s, a patrol and/or police response can be requested on your behalf.  Patrols avoid you taking the risk of attending a breach of security yourself and can do an external perimeter check or a full internal and external check.  Internal patrols (with access keys and designated security system code) can also reset your security system.  ART recommends all clients take advantage of the benefit of an internal patrol service and strongly advise all clients to only respond to alarm events if accompanied by a patrol and/or Police. Clients who wish to attend by themselves do so at their own risk.

ART considers a patrol service is integral to an effective monitoring service.

Patrols are dispatched by the company’s MCO’s in good faith on the direct or implied authority of the client to fulfil ART Security’s contractual agreement to organise a response to alarm events.  As such patrol services are chargeable in addition to the monitoring fee and are not covered under any warranties of ART.

Monitoring Platforms

The range of monitoring platforms available from ART’s Grade A1 Monitoring Centre are:    

  • Dialler - suitable for low to medium risk
  • Wireless Monitoring - suitable for low, medium and high risk
  • Type 1 - only available for very high risk premises of Government, Government Infrastructure and Suppliers to Government
  • Safe Tracker - a mobile device application for monitoring the personal safety of workers/employees

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