Holiday Hints

In Victoria over 40,000 homes a year are broken into.  Many burglaries occur while owners are away on holidays.  Reduce the risk of break-ins by observing these simple precautions and also by giving your home a lived in look when you are away. 

The list is compiled from recommendations of the Crime Prevention Support Services of Victoria Police and ART Security:

  • install a monitored security system
  • prominently display window stickers 
  • inform the Monitoring Centre of your  travel plans - leave destination and contact number 
  • regularly test your security system for communication and have it assessed for premises cover and functionality particularly prior to going on holidays
  • check detectors for spiders, re-apply surface spray to surrounding areas – not on lens of detectors and replace security system batteries
  • install and secure deadlocks on external doors, windows, gates and sheds
  • lock all manholes which are externally accessible 
  • let your neighbours and relatives know your holiday arrangements - ask them to observe your premise carefully during your absence
  • ensure your authorised contact list is adequate and the phone numbers are up to day - include neighbours, relatives, friends, business associates and a patrol service – ART recommends an internal patrol with access keys and designated security code to turn off and reset the security system when required    
  • ensure your authorised contacts are educated on how to use your system and know what action you want taken in the case of an alarm event being reported to ART’s MC – thereby  responsible and available 
  • ask a responsible person to:

–      park a car in your driveway occasionally

–      have your mail, newspapers and other deliveries collected and stored, or redirected

  • install automatic external sensor lights and timing devices for internal/external lights and electrical appliances, such as radios and televisions, to simulate your living pattern or activate randomly
  • disconnect electrical supply on radio controlled or electronic garage doors/gates and engage manual locks  
  • advise local police and neighbourhood watch area coordinator of your absence 
  • secure cars left at home and leave keys with a responsible person
  • leave keys concealed inside or outside in a very safe place that is not obvious to an intruder – never leave in the letter or meter box – preferably leave keys in a secure key safe
  • register keys with ART and/or have ART issue them to a patrol for internal alarm responses 
  • turn down the volume of your telephone the day you leave
  • ensure all valuables are not visible from outside your premises, particularly computers/laptops/iPads
  • engrave/mark valuable property with an identifiable number such as a driver’s licence preceded by V for Victoria
  • lock away items which assist intruders to break in such asladders and garden tools
  • clear shrubs/trees which block the visibility of your premise from the street thereby allowing would be intruders privacy to gain entry
  • have the lawn mown and garden watered regularly
  • do not publicise your unattended house to strangers - use a business address at such places as hotels and have a relative drive you to the airport
  • arrange for payment of essential utilities bills such as electricity and gas

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